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    Has anyone got this POS to work on AT&T on the 650?
    I've been using this POP account on the 600 for a year. The 650 shows up, so I drop in the sim card and I'm off to the races. Web works fine, phone is solid, got the BT thing going on's all good.

    Then I try to setup versamail. I won't go through all the iterations, I will say I've installed and unstalled and hardbooted 'till my head hurts.

    AT&T says my account is fine, and the 600 still works like a champ with the same sim card.

    I even sat on hold for 58 minutes this afternoon, and got disconnected. Called back and spoke to a nice young lady from the Phillipines, who sort of understood me but, we spent more time repeating my serial number and spelling of my name then working the issue... of which she was clueless, but that's anouther thread!

    The message I get is "Timeout reading response" . I've seen this pop up on the message boards but have not seen a response yet.

    If I can't get this work I'll have to send it back..... after all the waiting

    Can anyone help?
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    What pop/smtp server names are you using when you setup your account in Versamail?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater
    What pop/smtp server names are you using when you setup your account in Versamail?
    Interesting new development ..... It turns out I can hit my Comcast pop account.

    The problem account is an "Other" format. I've duplicated the settings in my 600. Can't see why there would be a difference.

    And I can get snappermail to connect with no problem
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    I'm using a Comcast and a Yahoo POP account without problem. I'm using Yahoo's & Comcast SMTP servers. Just make sure you setup USE AUTHENTICATION in the ADVANCED menu (when it says BASIC SETUP COMPLETED)

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