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    As a palm OS developer i would love to start a new project and write software that everyone needs and wants. I was wondering if everyone at Visor Central could post or emial me( any ideas they may have. Thanks a lot.

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    Please write a conduit/app that will get around the HotSync limitation and let us put items directly into Springboard memory w/out the intermediate and annoying stop in the Visor's builtin 8 meg.

    Thank you.



    "Vaya con Visor!"

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    Allow a PPP connection through the USB cradle/cable for Win98. I've seen the serial versions, but not USB.
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    I'm dying for a mail application that can sync with Eudora on my desktop that handles html tagged email and can deal with messages of variable (large) length.
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    How about an application that will allow syncing with AOL email WITHOUT a modem?!
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    How about software to communicate with a GPS, I have the hardware started and an idea, go to this thread to check it out.

    if your interested email me, I have a software guy at that is trying to start on it, he may need more help.

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