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    Hi, I use a Treo 600. For some reason, all my "to do" events got listed in the calendar. There are no dates on to do events, so no reason to show in calendar at a spec date/time. Really weird. This must be an error. The to do events start on feb 9 and goes on for a month, displayed in same order as I have sorted in to do list. The events are invistible in the calendar until you tab with pen on screen then it shows the name. Looks like a bug. Anybody seen this before? What can I do to delete to do events from list? Tried but without success. Also, when I look in calendar and tap the "to do list view" it hangs and restarts. Btw, everything looks normal in the to do program. What can I do?
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    Check this:

    Click Menu / Options / To Do Preferences

    Do you have any of the check boxes under "show categories" selected? If so, deselect them. (This is a feature, not a bug.)
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    Thanks Bob for your help! This is not the problem, I know of this from before, but no, none of the boxes are checked. It is some kind of bug/error. Have tested this all day, installing a week old backup, and then it works, until I fill up with new events in calendar, error seems to be due to amount of records in Calendar. Just passed 20,000. And then problem occurs, to do list comes into calendar, it hangs and it is not workable. Is there a max limit of events in calendar? What can I do to continue? Thanks!

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