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    Beware of the above error message. Just so everyone knows, the camera can just die on its own on a regular 650. It's a hardware issue; hard reset will not fix it. Your local Sprint store will call it DHRP: Defective Handset Replacement Part and give you a new one. My camera worked perfectly for a month and then, one day, it was gone.
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    The same error is now occuring on my Cingular 650. The camera worked for a few days, then stopped for a few hours, worked again for a day, and now is completely gone. Anybody find a fix not requiring replacement?
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    I am going to assume that if this happens I have to call Cingular or Palm? How does the exchange work? Do I have to send it back first or will the send me a replacement and then I sent the defective one back? This is crap if you ask me, I don't understand why we have all these problems. I love my Treo but this is annoying

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