Been all over the threads but I need to find someone in the same situation as mine or at least it seems I do cuz the other forums dont help. I have a Treo 600 for Verizon and have easy sync pro installed and running to sync with Lotus Notes. It syncs everything perfectly (to do, contacts, calendar etc...) EXCEPT for mail. My burning question is, of the two mail type apps Verizon included in their build of the Treo (SMS and MMS), does Easy Sync, or anything else for that matter, successfully sync email with them. I have little faith in these two programs and it seems that although easy sunc will properly send all the data over, mail and all, that the actual client program on the palm is not capabale of displaying the email content form easy sync although to do and contacts etc, can display their notes content. Am I I need a new client on the palm even if I have easysync on the desktop? If so what do you guys use instead of MMS and SMS from Verizon (any freeware?)? Hope this isnt too confusing!