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    Don't get me wrong I am a die hard palm addict, I have tried the darkside a few times and always come back to the palm OS. I feel it is just so much more inutitive, palm os reminds me much of apple . The OS just does what I need it to do. I have been a palm user since my first vx, and have watched this company Palm, now PalmOne make such STUPID mistakes that could potentially make frustrated customers bandon them. I first went through one of their big mistakes when they pre-announced the m500 series. I "pre-ordered" a m505 and the device wasn't in my hands till more than 3 months after I placed my order, and I actually cancelled my order with them because Compusa got m505 orders shipped to them before Palm shipped to the thousands of customers who actually ordered from Palm the Sunday at midnight that the m500 series appeared on the Palm website for order. I was so pissed that I confidently placed an order with them, and then months later, after calling and checking my order with them numerous times and got no answers, m505's started showing up at compusa stores before Palm actually shipped to the customers who ordered once they posted this series to their site at 12:01 am, a monday morning I believe. I understand that stores place large volume orders and they might get orders first, but PalmOne forgets that it is the users who are keeping them afloat, do they forget that they are now basically the only company selling palm os handhelds besides tapwave. It is unbelievable to me that they KEEP making such stupid mistakes , they are a MAJOR company who should have learned from the m500 fiasco not to make another HUGE mistake with the unlocked gsm treo 650. I just saw a post from someone who said if you call PalmOne and order an unlocked 650 and they tell you it's $699. tell them no, they themselves posted on their website $599. and they will honor their original price, as they should. Are we now supposed to accept their mistakes and PAY for them?? THey are making alot of money, and I always believed if a retailer advertises a product with a price and when you go to buy it they tell you "we messed up, it's actually more money" the company just has to suck it up and learn from their mistake. I do not believe for a second that this was a mistake, a typo, whatever PalmOne is now saying occurred. This news is spreading like wildfire on the net with the $100.00 price hike, it is outraging people, and rightfully so. I AM TIRED OF PAYING FOR PalmOne's STUPID MISTAKES. I pay them enough for the never ending upgrades of pda's and smartphones I buy from them. I do love their pda's and treo's I have bought from them, or I wouldn't be coming back for more. I have no problem constantly upgrading, it's the palmaddict in me. I switched to sprint from cingular this past tuesday because I could no longer wait for the mistakes or delays, and non-communication from PalmOne or cingular with a firm date on a release. I hope someone from PalmOne reads this because most companies don't get this many chances with MAJOR SCREWUPS. We love the os, the devices, when you set a price and announce it do not shoot yourself by pulling such a stupid move like your typo excuse, WE ARE NOT STUPID!!!!! PalmOne better resolve this fast because almost every Tech news site is picking this story up and it is getting to the "public" not just us palmaddicts. I love my 650 and am very happy with it, but I also understand all the outraged customers who waitied for the gsm treo's. No one will feel confident buying from a company who makes such STUPID and REPEATED MISTAKES. PalmOne you really got to get a message out fast, and do the "RIGHT" thing, before you really lose your "users". Remember we are the ones that keep you going, we are the ones who use your products. YOU CANNOT KEEP MAKING SUCH STUPID MISTAKES!!!!
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    I needed to vent, lol. I already have my 650, am very happy with it, but I just went to my major tech news sites and more and more of them are picking up this story. PalmOne needs to counteract FAST. You do not see HP, Dell, and all the other pda manufacturers making such a stupid mistake. I am really hoping someone from PalmOne reads this and passes this off to the ones in charge, if they don't come up with a fast resolution this WILL wound them very badly. They need to do something by Monday.
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    he he he, actually i like this....and about the rant...its longgggggg
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    lol, I like your picture. I didn't mean for it to be so long, but I feel bad for the gsm users who waited so long. I was one of them for a long time and finally gave up and went to sprint. I am hoping PalmOne remedies this. I can already hear the pocketpc sites having a field day with this one, if they aren't already doing so already,lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soccrnj80
    lol, I like your picture. I didn't mean for it to be so long, but I feel bad for the gsm users who waited so long. I was one of them for a long time and finally gave up and went to sprint. I am hoping PalmOne remedies this. I can already hear the pocketpc sites having a field day with this one, if they aren't already doing so already,lol.
    i know, your rant is LONG but hey, its true, i'll be pissed too if i was to be the first one to order, expect to get it first in the line but instead i got it

    PalmOne, seriously, if you're reading this, ship OUR ORDERS!!! Ignore any threats that come from cingular *if there is any*
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    ^wolwol...dont make me get my ugly know what happend last time...riiiggghhhttttt?
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    I think it really came from cingular, which is also a company that wants to make $$$, but PalmOne should have a backbone if they were really going to sell it at 599, don't back down. It really sounds like this came from cingular. I would think that who ever was involved with the deal with cingular, you'd think that there would have been some kind of communication about when, and what price PalmOne would sell an unlocked gsm treo, not be news to cingular the day they put it on their website and PalmOne also puts it on their website. Kinda makes you wonder who the hell is in charge of these companies negotiating deals, and are they speaking the same language to eachother during negotiations. I could maybe see this happening with 2 really new bad startup companies, not the United States largest cell phone company, and the leading pda/smartphone company This just looks like such a STUPID miscommunication, or cingular's upper hand and PalmOne is their bit@h!! lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    ^wolwol...dont make me get my ugly know what happend last time...riiiggghhhttttt?
    fine! i'll shut up for now
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    Quote Originally Posted by soccrnj80
    I can already hear the pocketpc sites having a field day with this one, if they aren't already doing so already,lol.
    It's all good, cuz they are using windows, it will be nice for them to have some happiness in their life, for a little while.

    i would pay $100 more rather than use ppc any day.
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    thats true,lol. I have had a few ipaqs and know what they are going through.
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    dang straight wolwol

    ive always wanted a PPC (phone with EDGE and 850)..but really are PPCs really that bad?
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    P1 could care less about you.

    Why are you surprised? Because you paid a premium price for a beta device? Because their customer service pathetic?

    you only have yourself to blame if you keep playing the sucker.

    Sorry for the tough love.

    Now, it you are the head of a wireless carrier and will buy 500,000 Treos, they will fall all over themselves trying to blow you.
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    i totally agree with this whole rant....i'm just too lazy to have typed it myself

    but i was so excited about the GSM launch and was waiting a few days until I got paid to purchase the new phone, and now this....$100 more! it kind of took the luster out of the whole thing for me. it just feels dirty now that they have done this. they delayed the launch so long which angered most people enough, and then they pull this stunt. it really makes the company look bad.

    unfortunately, even WITH all the problems, PalmOne probably knows that we will STILL buy the 650 regardless and will not lose too many customers over it.....palmaddicts! but i would bet that newer customers might think twice when dealing with them. And after the 650 debacles, current customers are going to start to stray....we can only take so much of this crap.....

    you hear that PalmOne?

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    Wow, that could be the world's largest paragraph!
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    I said it; PalmOne is cingular's bit@h... And yes ppc devices are really that bad. I had an ipaq 4150 a few months ago, and quickly went back to a tungsten t3, I do not want this thread to turn into a flame war, we got enough of them, lets stick to the topic,lol.
    To Mikec: this thread has nothing to do with being an early adopter, or paying a premium for the latest device. PalmOne announced their treo 650 gsm unlocked for 599.00 the same day cingular announced theirs. They need to be a REAL COMPANY and stick by what they announced it for, not take orders from whoever places X # of orders plain and simple. I would not have created this thread if PalmOne had announced it at 699.00. Do not miss the point of this thread, thats what this thread is about, a company doing the RIGHT thing. Not your above post. PalmOne is definitely looking like cingular's bit@h, and not a stand alone company. No company can operate like that, and in PalmOne's case let another company dictate what it can sell their own product for. If it was 699.00 to begin with I would not have started this thread. I love my 650 by the way :P

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    Didn't/Doesn't the Unlocked treo600 cost more too?

    I think I remember this from last year..

    Unlocked GSM Treo 600 Smartphone

    Our "unlocked" GSM Treo™ 600 smartphone works with almost any GSM/GPRS network worldwide, so you can use it with your existing GSM/GPRS service plan. Or use it overseas with additional international service from your service provider or a new SIM from an international service provider. Perfect for the frequent international traveler.
    NOTE: Please call your mobile phone service provider to make sure their service is compatible with phones that run on the GSM/GPRS network before purchasing an unlocked GSM Treo 600 smartphone.

    Why an unlocked GSM Treo smartphone costs more:
    Through an agreement with service providers, we are able to give a significant discount to customers who get a new phone line and sign up for a one-year service contract when they purchase a Treo smartphone. However, when you purchase an unlocked GSM Treo smartphone, you are purchasing it without a service plan or contract. As a result, we are unable to provide a new activation discount.
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    Yes, and it should cost more. PalmOne was selling the unlocked 650 for 50.00 more than cingular. It should cost more, thats not what this thread is about!

    PalmOne announced on it's website that the treo unlocked 650 gsm was 599.00, which is more than cingular's. The posting on this whole thread is that PalmOne can't make up a price of 599.00 one day and 24 hours later change it to 699.00. If they had originally posted the price as 699.00 nobody would be this ticked off. They themselves explain why an unlocked phone is more expensive.


    I paid sprint 399.00 for my treo 650 for a new 2 year contract. I knew if I stayed with cingular I was going to pay more, and had no problem with that. I was also waiting months for the gsm phone to come out either getting it from cingular or palmone and knew that if I got an unlocked phone like I did last year with my treo 600 it was going to be more, we know unlocked phones are more. IT'S NOT OUR PROBLEM THAT THEIR VERSION OF MORE FOR ONE DAY IS 599.00, THEN 24 HOURS LATER THEY SAY OOPS, IT'S REALLY 699.00

    Who knows Maybe this could be good for PalmOne's customer service if they come out and say we made a mistake, and we will just have to honor it and set the price back to our original 599.00. WHEN YOU MAKE A MISTAKE, YOU LEARN FROM IT!! YOU DON'T PUNISH SOMEONE ELSE!!!!
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    P1 will punish the fools that keep being suckered...
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    Don't be a sucker...
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