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    I use PDA net for my 600.

    Just got a 650.

    Has anyone tried the version for the 600 on the 650 or do i have to purchase a new version at $35
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    I didn't have a 600, but I don't think that the June Fabrics folks would issue an entirely new version if the old one would work. Their credibility would be dead in a week. I'm thinking that you need to bite the bullet and buy the new version. I have the trial version loaded on my new Treo 650, but I haven't tried it yet with my laptop.
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    I kinda was thinking that. I just purchased the 600 Version a few months ago . Hate to spend $35 more dollars.

    Thank you
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    PDAnet for 600 will not work for 650. I've had to purchase it again.
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    I upgraded to the 650 version for less than full price, but cannot remember the price any longer - check their site for specifics.

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