On Treo 650 (ATT/GSM but I don't think it matters):

Is there a way to assign speed dials so that you can hit the displayed numbers on the screen instead of the little letters on the key pad?

I can get the number into a "favorite". However, when I go to enter a # I get a letter, instead.

For example, when I go to put a "2" in, I get an "r".

Is the preassigned "voicemail" favorite the only one that can have a number on the screen?

If not, how do I get others to work with numbers instead of letters?

The keypad numbers are too small and too hard to distinguish for me to use when driving. So, my goal is to program the larger screen "buttons" with my key numbers.

My ultimate goal is to get a voice dialing program that will work with my Bluetooth headset -- then I won't be pushing the little or screen buttons.

Thanks in advance for the help.