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Just got done ordering the Treo 650 GSM (Unlocked) for $599 including free standard (3-8 business days) free. Yayyy.
Actually it was almost anti climatically simple.

PalmOne Sales Rep: Would you like to order a Treo 650?

Me: Actually I am a little confused. Last week, about 4 - 5 days ago I saw the Treo 650 listed on your site for $599, this is after my having waited for the Treo 650 for months now. But upon seeing the Estimated shipping time of 'One - Two Weeks' and since I was leaving to go on a trip I decided I'd just order it when I got back. Today, when I went to your site to finally order the phone, you had increased the price to $699.

PalmOne Sales Rep: That is correct sir. May I have your email address.

Me: sanjay@email.com

PalmOne Sales Rep: Immediately, reads out my full name, apparently from a database (prior Treo order I suppose) tracked by email id. Starts collecting and verifying my billing info etc.

Me: [I am wondering, how come this guy has not commented on the price issue at all and is just ignoring the whole opening statement I had made. Somehow, the message I got from this is that he was going to charge the old amount]

PalmOne Sales Rep: Sir! I can give you the phone at $599. Please confirm, an order for 1 Treo 650 with no accessories for a total billed amount of $599.

Me: Are you not going to ask me about the shipping options.

PalmOne Sales Rep: Sorry sir, I missed that, didn't I? Actually, since most people the minute they hear about the 1-2 weeks shipping time do not want to pay the extra amount for overnight shipping. If you want to add Overnight Shipping I would have to take your order again, since I have already finalised this order. The only way is for me to cancel this order and place a new one..... Etc. etc..
You get the idea. Bottom line, PalmOne I think, is being as nice as they can be, about dealing with this whole price change fiasco.

I called Palmone today and the guy said the price was an error and IT IS NOW $699. The little dismay trick didn't work :-(

Any suggestions?