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    Subject says it all. When I called PalmOne to ask they were clueless. The info about the carrier subsidized phones is clear: it's included with those. But no real info on the unlocked phone. I ask b/c this is an important and (relatively) expensive piece of software so if you have to buy it on top of paying $700 for the phone...

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    docs2go 7.0 professional

    and...try calling palmOne on ordering the unlocked treo 650, seems that a few people got it for 599, just tell them how you missed the 1st 2 days...bla bla...make up some excuse

    here's the software list:

    Software Included on Device or CD-ROM
    • Phone
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
    • VersaMail
    • Messaging
    • Media
    • Camera
    • Camcorder
    • Web browser
    • RealPlayer
    • Tasks
    • Memos
    • Calculator
    • World Clock
    • HotSync® Manager
    • PalmOne™ Installation Software
    • link to Microsoft Outlook (Windows only)
    • DataViz® Documents To Go® 7
    • AudiblePlayer
    • Palm™ eReader
    • Handmark PocketExpress (trial version)
    • Zap! 2016

    edit: added software list of treo 650
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    thx will do!


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