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    Cingular does unlock phones, not just the 650. See this thread on hofo on how some users were able to unlock mpx220's by sending an email to:
    If u scroll through the thread, someone even posted the response they got back from Cingular about the 90 day policy.
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    Here is a copy othe emaied instructions.

    Of couse the code is unique to each IMEI so my code can only be used for this specifc unit.

    Hope this helps.

    Here is the unlock code you requested:

    The following is the process for entering the unlock code for your phone.

    IMPORTANT: You have five tries to enter this code into your phone. If you go beyond the five tries unsuccessfully your phone will not be able to be unlocked. If you get "Code Error" displayed on your handset twice we suggest you call us before going any further.

    1. Insert the non-Cingular SIM card.

    2. Turn on your handset.

    You will then be prompted to enter the eight digit unlock code.
    Your unlock code is:
    The handset is then successfully unlocked.
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    thanks, Dr. No. Heard someone was able to get a CSR to give the unlock code, but not instructions. This might help someone along the way.
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