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    I've been having sync flakiness withmy iMac and Desktop and Hotsync 2.6. Have to try two or three times to sync before it "catches". So I thought I'd try the new 2.6.1. Now the ungraceful exit has returned while trying to back up the large AvantGo file (with BackupBuddy). So I guess it's back to 2.6.

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    Why backup the AvantGo database at all? It can get recreated next time when you sync should you lose it. I view it as temporary data anyways. Same with my mailDB.
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    Why didn't I think of that? But seriously, the Mac version of BackupBuddy does not allow control over which files get back'd up. It's all or nothing.
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    I have the same problem (in 2.6) except that I am using BackUpAll.

    Is anyone else using that? Once I set it to FORCE, it seems to ALWAYS back up EVERYTHING from that day on...even if I later set it to CHANGED. Am I using it wrong?

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