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    I have been reading with great interest about a program (or is it application) called "Hackmaster". More specifically, I am interested in this program called "BugMe" and "PopMe", and "PopMe" requires "Hackmaster". What exactly is "Hackmaster". I've read that it causes problems for the Visor and the last thing I want to do is create conflicts and problems on the Visor. All information is appreciated!
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    Hackmaster is a program that is absolutely essential for all Palm OS users, including Visor owners.

    I'm serious. All of the "hacks" you hear about that radically improve the Palm OS all rely on Hackmaster.

    The unreliability you hear about is probably referring to the hacks themselves, some of which cause a soft reset. However, Hackmaster itself is incredibly solid and bug-free.

    It should be available at any software site. Definitely get it.

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