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    I need advice and was hoping the great folks here at TreoCental can point me in the right direction. I have searched the web and keep coming up empty or with only partial solutions.

    I am taking my family to Florence Italy and would like use my Treo 650 as my navigator and travel companion (no more carrying a bunch of travel books and maps or asking for directions).

    The top priority is easy to use software with accurate maps and point-to-point directions. The second priority is to have software with up-to-date points of interest like museums, restaurants etc. A GPS receiver, while not a top priority, would be nice (we will be walking mostly).

    Any ideas?

    TomTom Navigator 2004 looks great but I cannot find any maps of Florence on their website and I am not sure if they have good points of interest. Mapopolis looks like they have the maps but not sure what GPS unit will integrate with their software and the 650.
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    delorme blue logger? i just ordered it. no experience yet.

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