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    Everyone seems to say the audio quality of the scala 500 is really good. However, if I put the 650 in my pocket while using the scala 500, the person am talking to complains of a scratching sound. Also, I thought these things had a range of 30 feet. By the time am 5 feet away, I hear scratching sounds. Does anyone else have these issues?
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    Yes. I just got mine. With my 650 in my left hand, I cannot look over my right shoulder without a problem. The volume is good, but VERY poor reception.

    I have a Motorola 820 and it had great range. So I know its not the phone. Sometimes I'd be sitting in the living room and my phone would ring. When I would go to answer it, nobody was there. When I looked at the phone, I realized that it had connected to and routed the sound to my 820. But the 820 was in the kichen by my keys! Nice.

    Unfortunatly, the 820 was VERY quiet without using the mute trick. I was getting the scala because I wanted a headset with ample volume so that it was immune to the low output volume of the T650. Well, its loud enough, but now I have to keep my phone within arms length and in clear line of site of the phone in order for it to work.

    How anyone could release a product with this obvious of a short coming is beyond me.

    Its going back and I'm going to try the HBH-600 next I guess...
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    You know, I just got the scala yesterday, and hearing ALL THE PRAISE I have to say it is not at all living up to what I thought either. I have used HBH-60 and 65 in the past and the sound was clearer, much - but the scala is louder. So after one day, I order the HBH-660 with the slic sound solution on other posts. It is a drag, I got the scala for $35 - cheap and it is. I wish I got what others are saying!
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    the scalas are POS. there is so much hype, I wonder of some people aren't plants trying to drum up sales.

    the best BT headset out there is the Sony 660. I've used them all, and this comes out on top.
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    I agree....I too am fairly disappointed by the Scala.
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    I only had it a week and didn't use it much. Lost it.
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    Ive had the opposite luck thats why i'm selling my HBH660?? (marketplace)

    I really think that it comes down to the treo's bluetooth is Not real good so No headset is going to be perfect.
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    That's strange. There's usually no shortage of Scala defenders. They must've been Scala employees. I dumped my Scala the first day I received it. When you amplify noise/static and feed it back into your audio path, what do you get?
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    Well, my Scala arrives Monday and I couldn't be happier after reading this thread. I hope that your all wrong! What's the refund policy for treo central?
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    Taking into consideration how much I paid for my Scala, and how much the BT250 costs (tried the one included w/ my 650, as well as one my friend bought from CompUSA), I'd say the Scala is pretty darn good for the price. Sure, it's not the "best" BT headset, and I might like the Sony HBH-660 better, but for under $40 it was so much better than my Jabra. Maybe it's b/c my BT experience before the Scala was so bad that my expectations were lowered that much?

    It really depends on the environment, but the reception with my Scala ranges from poor (in a wifi environment) to pretty decent (not 20+ feet, but over 10 feet easy).

    I can't really expect that much out of the Treo's BT, since I know how crappy it is. When I hear my friend talk about how he can talk on his Moto headset w/ his Razr in his garage (he's 100 feet away from his Razr), I can only hope for "Supertooth" in the next Treo...

    Since I have the Scala 500 now, and since it works for me...I'll probably wait until a decent BT 1.2 headset comes out before upgrading. That way, at least my headset will be compatible with 1.2 (for a future Treo or my USB BT 1.2 dongle to use with Skype, etc.)
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    Update- I used my scala in the car today when talking to my wife. I didn't have the reception issue and I could hear her fine (again, no lame mute tricks). But she said that the sound was very hissy. When I switched to the handset, the hiss immediately left. So its definetly the headset.

    I'm going to call TreoCentral Store today and see what my options are. I think I'm going to order the Sony and see how it does and return the loser of the two.

    For the price, I would say not a bad headset. But for holding calls with clients while I'm driving, I'd still say no.
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    I am not impressed with the Scala. I have tested it both in my car and in my house. In the house I sometime can get a fairly static free connection at arm length. A 10 ft seperation from the phone would make it a trying conversation, and it is badly broken up at 20 feet. It may be a little better in the car in term of static.

    Beside the 650, I have tried it with an LG phone, and I can't say it's better, perhaps it is, but by a pretty small margin.

    I think I would prefer a wired headset for the draw backs. What's the point of not having a wire if you have to keep it within a few feet. Adding to that having to remember to charge it, putting up with inferior sound quality, once the novelty of having no wire wear off I will probably go back to my wired headset.
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    Thought you would all be interested in knowing that Cardo has been issuing RMAs for headsets with very limited range (static @ more than a couple of feet) as those appear to be defective. Most of you shouldn't have this problem, but if you are, help is a phone call away.

    And if you're goin nuts with your charging cradle because the connection is finnicky, Cardo has been very helpful as well regarding replacements.

    Cardo Support - 1-800-488-0363

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    After reading all of these posts, I too have to agree that the Scala did not live up to expectations. This will now be the fourth BT headset I've owned and I for one and very miffed at the performance of them all. I will admit and agree that for the price, the Scala does have its upsides. The volume IS significantly louder than many others even without the mute trick, but I found mine to be so Bass laden that I couldn't understand the callers when in a noisy environment (eg: moving car). I found that I had to actually turn my volume down and press the headset into my ear to understand the caller with any clarity. Kind of defeats the purpose of a 'hands free' headset don't ya think? As for call clarity, yes the callers noticed a 'hiss' noise and in fact if you listen intently in a quiet room, you can hear a hiss coming from the speaker as well (when volume is jacked up).

    In the overall ease of use, I will give it a thumbs up - it pairs easily, activates when it should (unlike the jabra), the redial and mute work flawlessly and overall it just plain works. If only it weren't for that darn sound quality issue....

    I think this could be a stellar headset if the speaker part of the headset was a tish smaller so you could place one of those jells on it like the HBH.
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    Wow, i've had great luck with my Scala so far, volume is good and sound is clear. No issues to date. I would like to get a car charger and extra charging cradle but their shipping charges are rediculous, is there anywhere else to get their accessories?
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    Quote Originally Posted by spartanrob
    Wow, i've had great luck with my Scala so far, volume is good and sound is clear. No issues to date. I would like to get a car charger and extra charging cradle but their shipping charges are rediculous, is there anywhere else to get their accessories?
    I'm wondering the same thing....where can I get a car charger without the huge $11 shipping costs.
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    No particular problems with my 500 so far. It works quite well in the car and in general. I like the auto-answer and the battery life has never been an issue, although some form of battery meter/life guage would be nice so I don't recharge it any more often than necessary. I typically have my Treo in a pocket (left shirt or left front pants) and the 500 on my right ear. Static, when noticed, is minimal and not disruptive.
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    I still stand by my Scala. It was my first BT headset, and due to quality and cost, will be my last
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    Those of you returning for a newer "scratchless" model, please let us know if the newer ones offer a greater range. I only use mine with my treo in my pocket, or sitting on my car dash, so I don't have sound issues. But if I leave my phone in the kitchen, it would be nice to answer it in the living room.
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