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    Cardo has decent support. I called them and asked about my headset (b/c i do notice crackling and static sometimes when the Treo is no more than an arm's length away). He did mention that he gets about 1 complaint out of every 15 or so Treo 650 users....and thinks it *is* the phone. The do have a "private stash" of tested headsets they send out when exchanging "defective" units. However, he said they don't have a Treo 650 to test the headsets out on. They test headsets on several other bluetooth phones, and often the range is fine up to 30 feet (the guy I spoke with says he uses his across the room very often w/ his phone w/o any problems).

    Like I said in the "Best BT Headset" post, I'm waiting for the Jabra BT800 to see how that is. Until then, though, I think the Scala is fine for the money.

    In the car, clarity and reception are fine. In a wifi area, I get crackling when the headset is on my ear and the Treo 650 is in my pocket....

    I wish there were a way to boost the BT in the treo....
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    Quote Originally Posted by jblyth
    After reading all of these posts, I too have to agree that the Scala did not live up to expectations. This will now be the fourth BT headset I've owned and I for one and very miffed at the performance of them all. I will admit and agree that for the price, the Scala does have its upsides. The volume IS significantly louder than many others even without the mute trick, but I found mine to be so Bass laden that I couldn't understand the callers when in a noisy environment (eg: moving car). I found that I had to actually turn my volume down and press the headset into my ear to understand the caller with any clarity. Kind of defeats the purpose of a 'hands free' headset don't ya think? As for call clarity, yes the callers noticed a 'hiss' noise and in fact if you listen intently in a quiet room, you can hear a hiss coming from the speaker as well (when volume is jacked up).

    In the overall ease of use, I will give it a thumbs up - it pairs easily, activates when it should (unlike the jabra), the redial and mute work flawlessly and overall it just plain works. If only it weren't for that darn sound quality issue....

    I think this could be a stellar headset if the speaker part of the headset was a tish smaller so you could place one of those jells on it like the HBH.
    Don't know if it's been mentioned here before or not but Cardo Wireless will send a silicone cap for the 500 speaker. Request here:
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    I've tried the Scala and thought the call quality was crap. The S/E 660 had great call clarity, but the call volume was too low. I know some people use ear gels with the 660 to improve the call volume, but IMO you sholudn't have to resort to tricks to get adequate results.
    My current favorite is the Plantronics voyager 510. The call carity is up there with the 660, and the volume is incredible. My only gripe is it doesn't auto connect as fast as the 660...but I can live with that.
    Get the won't be dissapointed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow
    I've tried the Scala and thought the call quality was crap.
    I have a Scala 500 and I'm very happy with the performance. Only thing I don't like is the clip-on holder seems to be a bit unreliable to wear on a belt loop, for example.
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