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    Well, I have only had my scala for 4 days and I LOVE IT! I have a Jabra as well, which really sounds like a pos. For the price ( $35 at ecost), I think the thing is phenomenal. I have yet to apply the sound rom patch ( cluck, cluck, cluck) and if I am talking on the phone and then switch to the scala, the person I am talking to says the sound quality is markedly imporoved compared to the built in phone mic.

    Plus the thing does redial. It connects quickly. It hangs up quickly. It paired perfectly and has remained paired. The battery life has not been an issue. The thing is TINY and light. And I hadn't seen anyone mention the eyeglass clip thingy. It is fantastic! I wear glasses and it clips onto the glasses, holds the thing against my ear perfectly and I completelly forget that I am wearing the thing (I have discovered that I take my glasses off all the time and rub my face and such without thinking about it, and I now know it cause I end up taking the earpiece off with my glasses and all of a sudden I wonder why I can no longer hear anything--LOL). sure there are intemittant crackles and the range is limited, but, for the money, I think the think is a steal.

    just my 3 cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scala fiend
    Thought you would all be interested in knowing that Cardo has been issuing RMAs for headsets with very limited range (static @ more than a couple of feet) as those appear to be defective. Most of you shouldn't have this problem, but if you are, help is a phone call away.

    And if you're goin nuts with your charging cradle because the connection is finnicky, Cardo has been very helpful as well regarding replacements.

    Cardo Support - 1-800-488-0363

    The Fiend
    Folks I totally agree with this post. I had static and range problems, and I RMA'd my original 500 headset. Just got the other one a couple of days ago and the "Cross body static" problem was there for the first unit but is gone in this one.

    The RMA guys will charge your CC and then you will get the money back when you return the headset.

    Go through the RMA and see if that fixes it before you give up on Cardo altogether-- worked for me.

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    I hope mine is ok, I just ordered the thing, and is scheduled for delivery tomorrow.. I hope I get one that doesn't have this problem, as it is my first BT headset!!
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    I get mine tomorrow also. It bugs me that there could be plants on the forum who post bogus reviews. I hope the weight of real review and thus lack of sales will root out this underhanded tactic.
    On the other hand it is nice to see “scala fiend” posting here with a numbers to reconcile any issues.
    Time will tell for me.
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    Just received my Scala today. Will test it in a noisy mobile environment for a few days and post my experience. The previous Jabra BT-250 was lousy! All the hype on the Scala (and the $35 price) convinced me to at least try it We'll see what happens
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    I am thinking of buying a second Scala 500. I leave one in my car but there are times when i am in the office that it would be handy to have, at $35 you can't lose. Anybody have more than one headset?
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    Quote Originally Posted by unclejung
    I think I would prefer a wired headset for the draw backs. What's the point of not having a wire if you have to keep it within a few feet. Adding to that having to remember to charge it, putting up with inferior sound quality, once the novelty of having no wire wear off I will probably go back to my wired headset.
    I've had only good experiences with myy Scala 500. I don't consider it a "novelty" when I'm driving to not have a wire in the way of my shifting or worrying about a long enough headset cable so i can secure the phone without it on my lap and end up flying around, distracting me while I'm driving.

    I've tried it at home (where I have a wireless router and bridge set up) and did not get static. I didn't try to leave the phone far away, tho. Having it in my pocket or clipped on is much nicer than having a wired headset yanking if I turn too much or what-not.

    But, whatever works for you, really. Everyone has different needs and experiences. But for me, it's working out great. I can hear just fine on it even when driving.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    the scalas are POS. there is so much hype, I wonder of some people aren't plants trying to drum up sales.

    the best BT headset out there is the Sony 660. I've used them all, and this comes out on top.
    Hmm... Are you a plant for Sony maybe????? Nice way to try to discredit people with different opinions... not.
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    i too read page after page of good reviews on the scala 500 in another forum and decided to buy one for the reportedly excellent volume. i was sorely dissapointed when it arrived. i also have a sony hbh-65 and a generic. i have used the generic and the 65 with a sony ericsson t 608 and the volume was just fine on both. pleanty loud enough to hear even in the car at 80 mph. not so on the treo 650. i thought the scala 500 was the answer. i will admit it is louder than the other two but just barely. and yes i did put the btmute fix on it. i can just barely hear while driving at highway speed with btmute on. also with the scala 500 the range is not the best. after about 10 feet you can expect static. with the sony hbh 65 i could leave the phone on my desk and walk around care free. close to 30 feet easy. so i use the sony in the office where i can walk around and background noise allows me to hear ok. and i use the scala on the road where it will always be less than 10 feet from my phone and the slightly increased volume allows me to actually hear.

    sorry this is so long but i hope it helps those that are still shopping. :-)
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    Just got mine (Scala) today (couldn't go wrong for $35 SHIPPED). And at this time, just playing around and testing with it I can't agree with many of the complaints. I put the phone on my desk and dialed my answering machine. I was able to walk over 10 feet away (line of site) and it was fine. Then I walked into my garage (behind a concrete wall) and it got a bit scratchy but still sounded fine. All in all it does what I want.

    The one problem do I have is getting the Treo to recognize it when I power it (the Scala) off for a while then back on. While I have it setup as a "trusted device" on the 650 the Treo doesn't seem to connect to it unless I go back throught the headset setup again and have to reenter the PIN. Once it's recognized it stays that way.

    Anyone else had this problem? Or maybe it's just my Wireless router giving it a hard time. Maybe it's also time to RTFM.

    Quote Originally Posted by jasondeno
    Yes. I just got mine. With my 650 in my left hand, I cannot look over my right shoulder without a problem. The volume is good, but VERY poor reception.

    I have a Motorola 820 and it had great range. So I know its not the phone. Sometimes I'd be sitting in the living room and my phone would ring. When I would go to answer it, nobody was there. When I looked at the phone, I realized that it had connected to and routed the sound to my 820. But the 820 was in the kichen by my keys! Nice.

    Unfortunatly, the 820 was VERY quiet without using the mute trick. I was getting the scala because I wanted a headset with ample volume so that it was immune to the low output volume of the T650. Well, its loud enough, but now I have to keep my phone within arms length and in clear line of site of the phone in order for it to work.

    How anyone could release a product with this obvious of a short coming is beyond me.

    Its going back and I'm going to try the HBH-600 next I guess...
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    The Scala seems to be the best BT headset for the T650 weak BT transceiver, judged by user testimonies, and by the fact that its ear piece is amplified. But if you take the Sacala to other phones, like the PPC6601, it does not perform well. The feedback echo is unbearable.

    So, Scala is good on some phone and lousy on others. If it works for you that's great. If it does not then return the POS and get one that works for you.
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    The Scala 500 is incredible with the Treo 600 and the Jabra A210 Bluetooth adapter. Sound quality is great, it is very light and comfortable. The headset doesn't ring in your ear with the 600, but no big deal! I fit an eargel from Jabra onto the Scala and after that I was good to go. Without the eargel, it's still great but the sound quality is even better with the eargel...
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    Thanks for adding the pics. It shows how incredibly small the thing is. BTW, can the eargels be bought separately and if yes, anyone know where from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowboxer
    Thanks for adding the pics. It shows how incredibly small the thing is. BTW, can the eargels be bought separately and if yes, anyone know where from?

    I know Best Buy carries them.
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    Yes, I got mine from Best Buy, but I could not use them on the Moto HS810 because they interfere with the nice folding boom mic. So, I put them all on my stereo headsets.
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    Do you have to take the eargel off each time to charge the Cardo Scala 500.
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    I don't know how I missed this post a few days ago. I've been reading through these forums like crazy trying to find a good BT Headset to use. I also fell for the 500 hype (Actualy ordered it Wednesday 2/9/05 from TreoCentral Store) and have also been let down.

    Just having the phone on my hip and having the headset on my ear there is horriable static noise, and you can just give up leaving it by your PC and walking 5' away. I'm very disapointed in this headset and feel like I waisted $54 bucks. Guess I'll try the RMA thing.
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    I called Cardo support yesterday and talked to a man who asked if I have a Treo 650! He said that he had quite a few calls from 650 users and they thought the problem is with the 650 Bluetooth implementation. He took my number and said that someone else familar with the issue would call me back in a few minutes. It has been 24 hours and no call, so I guess I will call them tomorrow.
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    Wow, i'm not having any problems with my 500 and my 650, maybe i'm just lucky but it works great!
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    I am holding out my judgement until I talk to Cardo again. Perhaps mine is defective.
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