Whomever can solve this problem gets a Golden Bippee Award.

Our family got 4 650's at the same time from the Roadshow. I had a 600 prior to my 650. My kids had other "regular phones." We were and are all with Sprint. We suffered through the Sprint transition from short mail to regular text messaging.

My sons and I transitioned from short mail to text messaging on our old phones before moving to 650's. My wife and I share a plan which was in effect when I had my 600 and she had her Sanyo 5300. Though she never used any form of text messaging on her old phone, the plan was set up for short mail, and as I mentioned I had no trouble using regular text messaging on my 600 once it became available.

Here's the problem. My 650 as well as my sons' all behave normally when sending and receiving text messages. MY WIFE'S DOES NOT. If she SENDS a text message everthing operates normally. She gets her little text message screen, picks a number/contact in the dropdown, etc. NOW HERE'S THE WEIRD PART:

Wheen someone SENDS HER a text message, she gets a little hyperlink to go see it (this happens no matter how many times she's texting the same person, she never has a text thread established), which she taps. She is then transferred (online?) to a website where it shows the start of the message if it's too long and a Reply hyperlink. If she hits the Reply link she is presented with a small box online to enter the reply. She never has a chat thread started up normally in a standard sms text app.

I'm a little foggy, but this is reminiscent of Short mail service I think. I'm assuming the problem is with a Sprint setting in our plan pertaining to her old phone. However, you can imagine that Sprint had no idea what was going on. The "issue" was "elevated" to their "Messaging" department (yeah, right.) This means I will never hear from them again.

Can anyone here shed any light on the problem? Golden Bippee ready to ship...