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    So far, my Treo is as cool as it drives me nuts

    #1 Problems...Memory Disappears!!..I tried the tip with hard resetting and using Powerrun..When for instance Beyond Contacts is moved to the card, its' 212K..when I move it back on the phone it's 417K!!!

    I ONLY have Beyond Contacts installed with my Contact data etc, and of the 23M I have 7.7 Megs!!! I looked on the info page, and there should be plenty of memory but it vanishes!

    Not only this but Ive had to do 3 hard resets because after 2 weeks or so, memory VANISHES and I get NO Memory errors!

    #2 The famous-resetting loop!! This sucks, I can not rely on this for business travel with my outlook info if it keeps doing this.

    Is this just my phone or has anyone else noticed this or has a solution?


    please email me any ideas:
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    I don't use outlook, so i dont know what is causing the reset loop. But I do know that your memory isn't vanishing, its the NVFS memory system that the 650 uses. There are buku threads on this scattered throughout the forums. For some reason Palmone thought that it was a good idea to have the 650 suck up more memory to run apps, than it should have to. So any app you run on the 650 will take up significantly more space, than it would on say an SD card, or the Treo 600. This is an issue, everyone is hoping that Palmone will release a patch for. Even worse for wear, is that once your 650 gets below a certain amount of memory, it begins to spontaneously reset for no reason. This, in my opinion, is the only flaw the 650 posesses. Unfortunately, its a major one.
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    It might be Versamail causing it if you're using it to sync with outlook
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    Oh my god, memory issues and instability on the Treo 650!!! I cannot believe that such a major flaw wouldn't have been discussed at length here already!

    Oh wait, it has been.


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