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    I just got a Cingular Treo 650 and I have some basic apple mac questions:

    -If you don’t have an SD card installed how do you move images and video from the Treo 650 to your computer?

    -If I get an SD card can I control whether the photos and videos I take with my 650 are saved internally in the Treo 650 memory or on the SD card? If so, how?

    General Treo 650 Questions:

    -Is there a good alternative to big clock that works on the Treo 650? I am particularly looking for an alarm with an autosnooze feature.

    -Is there a program that allows you to control how bright or dim you want the keyboard to be?

    -When is the cradle coming out for the Treo 650

    -Are there any other programs anyone recommends for people who have macs?
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  2. #2, a must for every mac user with a bluetooth enabled phone/pda

    cradle? its coming soon....God knows when its out

    edit: added cradle link
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    If you have Bluetooth on your Mac, you can use it to move files (including video files) from the Treo 650 to the Mac or from the Mac to the Treo 650.

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