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    Over the past month or so, I've noticed that my Treo 600 has begun to take longer to connect to Sprint PCS vision. From the moment I hit any button to get on to the internet, I get a blank white screen for 25-30 seconds before the phone displays any "connecting to vision" or "sending" / "receiving" feedback. Once I'm on, everything appears to work like it should. I have this problem everywhere; good signal, low signal, indoors, and outdoors. I have not even used half of the memory on the phone. I'm not running any other 3rd party progams in the background (that I know of). I don't know if it is related, but I've noticed that my Treo sometimes seems "busy". I hit a button or a series of buttons and the phone has to "catch up with itself." I'm also beginning to have problems with the touchscreen. Sometimes it works, sometimes it poops out on me. I have the latest updates. I've tried soft resets. This helps for a short period of time, but my Treo eventually goes right back to the same problems. Will Sprint replace my out of warranty phone if I have the replacement program, or is that only for loss /theft? I know I have a lot here. Any thoughts? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP
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    Try to delete your cache & cookies, that worked for me, when I had my 600. Good luck...
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