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    Just got the Scala and just wanted to see if it would fit on my ear... well, I have small ears and that CRAPPY ear loop sucks. I even pushed it all the way down as far as it could go and it SUCKS.

    I'm sending this back and getting me something that I can stick in my ear.

    UUUUUGGGGH. It is supposed to be good too!
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    did you try bending the ear loop thing so it would be more snug?
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    I had that problem but read about bending the ear loop on the Scala website and its been too snug at times. It never gaps or hangs anymore so I have ot on all day.

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    Thanks all. I did finally go to the website. That info really needs to be put on the manual. I may be sending my Scala back though. Major pops/crackles.

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