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    Does anyone know if there is a way to make the new Napster To Go work with the Treo 650?

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    "Napster tracks work with most portable devices that support secure WMA files"

    This is what Napster states on the website. Wouldn't that be a function of PTunes? Maybe they could implement this into a future release! I think that this would make the Treo 650 the best-all-around device out there!
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    (I'm not trying to turn this into a *****fest between Napster and iTunes or other services, but am addressing flyinjack's last statement)

    I already think it is. Napster has enough downsides that I wouldn't consider using it:

    $14.95 monthly charge. I spend less than that per month on music from iTunes. I wouldn't get more music simply because it is "unlimited", as there really isn't that much new stuff out there that interests me.

    I want to own my music, not rent. Sure, Napster offers a "light" service that essentially mirrors the functionality of the iTunes music store, but iTunes already works for that. Why switch to another service that adds no functionality, and isn't an innovator (for what I need)?

    Oh, and the fact that it isn't iPod (by far the most popular portable music player out there) compatible doesn't help either.

    The least amount of DRM the better. That's why after each iTunes purchase, the playlist is immediately burned to a CD and ripped to mp3 format.
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    Hi Jack,

    Matter of fact, that's our current project! We'll have it available as soon as possible, but it's complicated to do. No ones ever supported them in the Palm environment before, so we're blazing a new trail. Should be relatively soon!

    Let me know if there's anything else I can help with.

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    wow flyinjack (and Gerald at Normsoft). This would be absolutely amazing.

    Gerald, can you or someone at NormSoft comment on the status of this here at TreoCentral (assuming you read TreoCentral Forums)?

    Adding Janus support (next gen MS WMA DRM that supports subscriptions) to PocketTunes would seeem to be a herculian task. That would certainly justify $27 in my opinion.

    I love PocketTunes but am not using it as I find it too expensive for the current feature set.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PabloTX
    That's why after each iTunes purchase, the playlist is immediately burned to a CD and ripped to mp3 format.
    Check out iOpener. It will remove the DRM leaving you with unprotected AAC file.
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    Thanks. I used Hymn in the past, and Apple disabled the converted files with the next iTunes update. So far I've taken the safe route and just done the manual burn and rip to not have to worry about it in the future. I will check it out, though.
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    AAC Support in Pocket Tunes would be more appreciated than Napster to go.

    I bet there are more people with iTunes using Pocket Tunes than could be anticipated to use Napster to go over the next 6-12 months (that is if they stay in business!)
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    Is ANYONE with any brains actually doing the napster thing - what a joke! After the superbowl commercials they had a 30% surge while iTunes activity went up 170%.

    I love checking out new music every Tuesday on iTunes - I'm getting stuff that I would've never heard of.
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    As someone else said, please post here when you have beta for us to test. I will quickly switch between subscription services to have this on my Treo 650.

    As someone else suggested (and then ignored their own suggestion ), let's not discuss iTunes, vs. Rhapsody vs. Napster. There is enough chatter on that already. Much of it seems to be based on people's belief systems (own vs. rent) and what they have really spent time experiencing (iTunes and Rhapsody/Napster all seem to grow quickly on their users).

    Personally, I would be happy to get Treo 650 support for a subscription based service. So Real (Rhapsody) or WMA (Napster, others).

    WMA/DRM seems the easiest for pTunes since you have the WMA already. WMA/DRM also seems destined to beat Real/DRM in the end due to player and service breadth.

    Real/DRM would seem the easiest for Real. Not sure why they haven't done something here already. Maybe you could convince them to give you their Palm Real Player source - at least the codecs part? It only helps Real.

    AAC/DRM seems the trickiest to me. It also seems to have the least amount of licensing going on (just Motorola).

    Streaming of these would be nice also. pTunes supports mp3 streaming (low rates) and XDrive has something going around streaming as well. 3G is also just around the corner. With my a 2GB SD card (and most others 256MB+ cards) you should be able to do some serious buffering to give a smoother playback (which is how Rhapsody/Napster work as well).


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