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    I'm attempting to clean up my Visor Deluxe by deleting software that I no longer use or desire. There is a software program on my Visor called "libmal" which is a 121K file. I don't remember what this is or which program it came with. Can anyone enlighten me? I don't want to delete it if I need it to work with another program. Thanks!
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    It's used by Avantgo. Don't know for sure what it is, but I believe that it is a LIBrary of routines for the MobileLink program.

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    Sometimes you can get a clue about these programs with Z'Catalog.
    You select the file in question, and hit "Filter".
    You filter by Creator.
    Inspecting the other files with the same creator may tell you what it is for.

    Of course this won't work with files like the Location Manager or the PocketC runtime.
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    I think Libmal is just for Synching AvantGo over the modem, but I could be wrong.
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    Thanks everyone! I had a feeling it had to do with AvantGo. I have had it with AvantGo, it screws up my hot syncs so I've deleted it. Would you all then say there is no problem deleting "libmal"? IF I should ever want to use AvantGo again, I could always later add libmal then, correct?
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    Go ahead and delete it. If you ever start using Avantgo again, it is automatically put in the install tool when you install avantgo. I have deleted it before with no problems.

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