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    Has anyone else noticed their 650 screen dimming on it's own after a period of use? I don't know if it's a hardware or software issue but it seems to happen after using it for a while. It's as if it were overheating. It occasionally goes back up and then down again with no pattern including which application I'm in. The only time it seems to go back to normal is after a period of inactivity thus the suspicion of overheating. I know it sounds odd but I don't know what else to think.
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    I know that option+right shift dims the screen until you turn off the screen and turn it back on again and that the backlight goes out after a minute or so while on a call. Think I saw what you're describing once but that's it, if it isn't what I listed above.
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    I have seen this also. Usually when I'm watching a movie via Kinoma player. My Treo 600 did this too. Never was able to figure it out.
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    Yes, I've seen this and others have reported it here. To me, it seems to happen when the brightness is set somewhat low, around the bottom third or lower. I have avoided seting it in that range and haven't seen this for a while. When I want to dim the lights further, I use the Night mode (Option+RightShift), which dims the lights without changing the brightness setting.
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    Oddly, my 650 just started doing this this past week. I can't figgure out for the life of me why this started or how to stop it. Anyone else have any ideas?
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    So other have seen this too? I'm not sure if this makes me feel better or worse. I did try the option+right shift just now and that's about the amount that it dims on its own but it just does it at times without any user input whatsoever. Sometimes it dims then comes right back up, other times only after cooling down.

    Something to keep an eye on.... Normally mine screen doesn't go completely dark when adjusting the brightness slider until I get to the last notch to the left. This makes sense, but when I have this "dimming anomoly" it goes completely dark when I move the brightness slider to approximately 1/4 of the distance from left to right.

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