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    Help please. I am looking for the best Horizontal mount clip case. Ideal would be able to rotate with clicks into vertical or horizontal position. Was looking at nutshell but that only allows horizontal with belts which I do not always wear (sweats). I like the Seidio Shield Holster case but I am not sure if offers enough protection. Also, does anyone know if you can use a skin or that stick on gripper stuff with the shield case?

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    Also, There is the Premium pouch leather case for Treo 600/650 with skin from Seidio but is kinda pricey, not sure if can lock in horizontal position, may be bigger to accomidate skin, and not sure how easy it slides in and out with skin.
    Anyone have this one?
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    Krussel makes a case that can be slipped on a belt or used with a clip. The belt connection will let you set horizontal or vertical. This thread has pictures.
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    Thx zvandiver. I and known about the krussel but based on your note and the acclamation of others I purchased one off of ebay for $19. Others have used this case with the eGrips and Skins with minimal difficulty.
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