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    Well??? Lets try to keep this on topic too. Thanks...
    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!
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    Really... no one...???
    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!
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    I'm thinking about it, my work was going to pay half the cost of a unlocked 650 guess i'll hae to eat the extra $100.

    But now the whole Media Works thing is screwing me too...Just signed up for a new 1yr contract today
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    I bought one today at the Palm Kiosk store at the Nordstrom Center in San Francisco. They only charged me $549 and inluded a free Jabra Bluetooth headset just for showing them my Treo 600. Also I did not have to extend my service contract.

    I lucked out because the Mothership obviosly did not contact the Palm Kiosk and I feel fortunate but WTF is palm thinking raising the price a hundred dollars????

    The trend is toward making things better and CHEAPER not more expensive. Just look at the Mac mini for $499.

    I kept waiting for the Cingular store to get them but I just could not wait any longer!?!?!
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    I'm the one why is doing this, as I live outside US (in Ukraine), and I don't have the option to buy subsidized phone. I'm Handspring/Palm addict (Visor Deluxe -> Treo 270 -> Treo 600), and every time I had to pass quite expensive and sophisticated process of buying it in the US and getting it in my hands here. So I'm the one of those who will have to swallow the +$100 frog :-)))

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    My boss is paying for mine too. I got on board lucikly before the hike. I told my boss it would be 500 and something and she said go. After I got the accessories the total bill came to $718. There is no way I could have sold here on $818 at all. Either of these prices are riduclous for a phone even with a combo. I got the extra battery and the case-headset-car adapter kit. The priice hike is not good. Could I have save some more if I just waited a couple of more months for T-Mobile to get their verision? Sure but didn't want to. The other people at the office (I'm new there) have Cingular or AT&T wireless service (Which is how I was able to sell the purchases). My unlocked phone was required so that I didn't have to get a new cingular line. If I got the new service then I would have paid 549. The 50 extra made since to keep my own line and service.

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