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    what do i need to download
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    you can use AvantGo, however it shows you the page as it appears (so there's alot of side scrolling).

    I prefer ProxiWeb as it converts the site to fit width wise on your screen. It works well for the majority of the sites. The really fancy ones get kind of screwed up.
    Find it at:

    along with ProxiMail (allows you to get and send mail from the existing mail app on your visor)
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    I have heard good things about mobile ID, but have not tried it yet myself. Check out their web site.

    I would be interested in which you think is better....
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    i believe MobileID is a WAP browser that allows you to access all those WAP sites designed for cell phones. I don't think it'll allow you to surf the 'regular' web like avantgo or proxiweb does.

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