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    Any suggestions for getting Midi's from my PC onto my Treo w/o a data plan (i.e. can't use browser on treo). Verizon's data plan is way too expensive.

    Thx in advance.
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    Put them on a SD and point the browser to file:///path_to_midi.mid where path_to_midi.mid is the full path to the midi file on the SD card. Take a look at the faqs for the T600, there is a whole section on ringtones.
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    Yeah..sorry. Saw that.

    Another question - is there any way at all to get data on this without a data plan? I heard that people with verizon were racking up tons of minutes because their data wasn't disconnecting. I don't even think i have that option because in the browser or email it won't connect. Did Verizon/Treo fix this glitch?

    Thanks again!
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    Don't have a data plan (VZW). I tried using the Palm Desktop installer to install a 32k PDF ringer to the 600 (I've been using this on my Kyo 7135). After synching, the Palm reset, but, the ringer is not in the list of ringers, and the info list doesn't contain the file. I tried this twice. What am I doing wrong?
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    SD CArd worked for me!
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    Grabbed a SD card last nite..will give it a shot today. My other option that worked is that my friend has data plan and I had him download a couple and beam to me!

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