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    Has anyone else seen this? When AvantGo synchs, my floppy drive grinds like it's trying to read. This only started happening after I installed 3.3.

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    Yeah, mine does that too. And someone else mentioned that in another post.

    Annoying isn't it.
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    It tries to read every drive. On mine it cycles through my harddrives, my zip drive, and finally my A: drive.
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    I went to their help page and one option is "search our newsgroup". Here are some quotes:

    "... The A: drive is activated to generate a random number for SSL"

    "This happens as a byproduct of the new SSL functionality. A new build of 3.3 is coming which removes this particular behaviour."

    "Our new AvantGo 3.3 software activates your A drive in order to support SSL and
    sync securely. It does not read or access any of the information on the A drive. We understand that some users may find this behavior confusing and plan
    to change this very soon. You can remove the
    C:\programfiles\avantgo\mobilelink\secnet.dll file and you will no longer see
    behavior. However, if you delete this file you will be unable to sync secure channels. You will be able to download a version of AvantGo that does not activate your A drive from our site in the near future."

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