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    My friend was a victim of a burgerly and did not have an accurate catalog of her stuff.... I wanted to start taking inventory of my stuff, by including an image, serial numbers, cost, and brief description or keywords(so it is searchable) of my things buy using my TREO650... Does anyone know if their is an Image database program that creates a pictorial inventory and use the TREO camera and possibly archive to a desktop where you could save a version of the catalog online???

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    Very good question. That's something I'd be interested in as well.

    Unless your Treo got stolen.
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    Cough .....anyone?
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    Hope someone has an idea...I could use one also.........
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    offtopic, but you could try data dots instead. could be much better and easier:
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    maybe look at HandBase or SmartlistToGo or one of the other major database app vendors out there. I think that they have the ability to create a custom database with images. One may already exist in their library of databases also.
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    I have Docs-To-Go and Office 2003 on my PC.

    Create your database with pictures in Powerpoint and you can view in Slideshow to go. If you don't have Office, you can get the free OpenOffice program and create your file in their presentation software and save in Powerpoint format. I carry and work on word, excel and powerpoint docs all the time!

    Or, you can creat in a word format on your computer with picts and tesxt, then save/export to a pdf format using one of the free converters you can find with some searching and then load adobe reader for palm!
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    I don't know if this would work for you, but SplashData has a new program called SplashBlog that lets you take pictures and directly upload them to a webpage. I think you can then add notes and comments and organize them in groups. The only question would be if you can restrict access to the page for security.

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