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    From a comment in a Treonaut blog posting:

    (see comment #1 and then comment # 4)

    No confirmation as of yet.... Is someone willing to try it on their locked AT&T GSM Treo 650?
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    It does not work, it is not the real sim unlock code. It did say "SIM unlocked" but I had no luck with a 64K Cingular SIM.
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    it did not work on my cingular treo. I get the message that the sim lock has been removed but when I replace the cingular SIM with a T-Mobile one I get a message that the phone cannot be used with this SIM and the option to make emergency calls.

    It may be the age of my T-Mobile SIM - if anyone else can try and post success/failure I'd be interested in reading...
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    Yeah, figures.... too good to be true. Thanks for trying.

    Back to waiting for my unlocked version.

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