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    I just bought a BVDx. I like it!!! A lot!!! I have been installing apps left and right with no difficulty until I tried to install AvantGo 3.3. I kept crashing during the installation HotSync and thereafter. By chance, I turned off all my hacks and tried it again. Success!!! Is this how AvantGo works? You have to turn off all your hacks everytime you HotSync?
    Anyone have a way to get around this? Thanks.

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    is your visor overclocked? i also had a problem when syncing when i installed avantgo 3.3. i did not disable all my hacks, but i had to disable afterburner 2.2 (an overclocking utility). once i did that, avantgo worked perfectly. avantgo may have a problem with overclocked visors, or it may not be compatible with afterburner.
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    Thanks. I'll try that. But does that mean you cannot overclock AvantGo? To verge off the path, what are some of the programs you overclock on you Visor?

    Thanks again lefonque!

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    Check out ISilo and ISilo web...instead of an account on the Net somewhere you have a desktop app to configure them yourself. ISilo is a good browser (images, links) and a good Doc reader. It's own format is also smaller. Has a hell of a smaller footprint on your computer.

    If you check out their link site, you'll find most of the links that AvantGo has...

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