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    You have to have a problem with a setting there. It sounds like you're getting 14.4kbps CSD (not even GPRS). Most cingular handsets have a default fallback to this option if you can't get GPRS. I'd have a tech look at your connection while you're xferring data. Just no way to live with that... Be sure your account is set up correctly, too. You should see th sms, mms, and media works wix features when you log into your account on cingular's site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyH
    The reason I'm trying to pump EDGE users to post speed reports...from access MEdia Works....

    Measuring speeds ranging from 2 to 5kbps is not my idea of fast access. No one at Cingular has been able to work with me. Some of the "Data support" guys never heard of, and that shatters my confidence in their abilities. I'm going to see a supposedly good tech at a service shop tomorrow to have the phone checked for incorrect settings. If I don't get a result then it will be the end of the line. I can easily get 142kbps on Sprint's Vision, and get DUN speeds of 75k or better.
    Just been on media works plan since I think Feb 7th....Never have run the before so here it goes....

    Based on 200k file size:
    I just got 123kbit/sec with 2.039s latency - test#1
    I just got 117kbit/sec with 2.273s latency - test#2
    I just got 113kbit/sec with 2.034s latency - test#3

    I will have to compare results from different areas now when I travel. I'm in a "very" rural area. L8R
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