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    This may not be the correct forum, but does anyone know how to
    A) Automatically sync you hotmail inbox in OE 5.0 to your local inbox and
    B) Set-up other folders on your Visor mail program that will allow you to get the other folders from the OE program (ex. I have many folders on my local computer, and I want to get them all onto my Visor)

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    I need help as well, I can't get Outlook Express 5 to work with my Gvd. The instructions they give on the Visor setup disc don't work.
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    As far as I know, you cannot get any folders other than the regular OE5 inbox. I, too, have many folders that I want to send to the visor. Can't seem to make it work. I've heard that it might be possible with Desktop to Go and Outlook regular, but not Outlook Express.

    I'm pretty sure Hotmail won't sync... even from within OE5.
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    If you have a modem and wish to have access to your mail folders other than just the "inbox", check out MultiMail Pro. I am using Outlook 2000 and have access to the many folder I have created in Outlook.

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