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    For years I have maintained customer appointment history in the data portion of my contacts files in Outlook, which always allowed me the ability to view a chronological history of every call, email, sample or visit I made to my customers. A few years ago, some of the contacts files reached maximum capacity (on the T300, not on the PC), thus forcing me to creat Doe, Jon-2, Doe, Jon-3, etc. etc. etc., all the way in some cases to 6 separate contact files for one customer.

    It seem that little issue has been taken care of with the new OS in the T650, as I now have been able to merge all contacts files (in the case of those that had multiples) and even those that had 6 separate files now only have one.

    Thanks to the OS creators for answering my need.
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    And yet the, what, seventh version of this operating system still doesn't let you copy and paste the contents of a memo!?!?!? ("clipboard limit exceeded")...bah.

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