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    I hate to sound like a novice but coulsd someone explain what a PQA means or is ?
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    I'm not sure what it stands for, but as I understand them, they are the "channels" for Palm-VII wireless access.

    If you don't have a Palm-VII, you can't use them.
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    PQA -> Palm Query Application. Also referred to as a Web clipping application.

    Currently they only run on the Palm VII or on a Palm V with an OmniSky wireless modem. Though I could see someone could produces a wireless modem springboard with the necessary software on board to run them on a Visor. We shall wait and see.

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    Also can be used on any Palm using at least version 3.2 with the nessecary files, which would have to be beamed over from a real Palm VII.

    It won't work with the Visor's 3.1h OS. For those who want to try, the files will become part of the OS and you won't be able to delete them, I had to hard reset.

    -Matthew Nichols

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