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    I saw on Treonauts that people are reporting the following sequence unlocks an ATT/Cingular 650.


    Can anyone confirm?
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    I thought you were totally trying to see how many idiots would try this. But I still did it.

    I get a pop-up that says something like "SIM lock unblocked". No idea what the impact was. It did something.
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    I just tries it and it said "the simlock has been removed from the phone" does that mean it is now unlocked? weird.
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    it's the default PUKcode that's meant to unlock a passworded SIM card. has nothing to do with the subsidy unlock on the cingular/at&t treo 650's that allows the use of another carrier's SIM.
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    Yes, the subsidiary lock on any phone is tied to the IMEI number. To unlock this, the code for every phone is different.
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