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    I can access the find function on the treo by pressing "alt-<magnifying glass>" but this is not possible when using june fabrics PDA reach. I would also like a way to map it to a held-down-single-keypress for use in butler.

    This would all be possible if there was a .prc file that would bring up the find function.

    Does such an animal exist?
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    FindHack v4.0.6 is worth taking a look at. It greatly enhances the built-in find function.
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    Actually, findhack is great for adding more smarts to the find function but it still does not provide a way to launch it from an application icon via a .prc file. When you run the findhack.prc file, it just goes into a findhack setup dialog not the find dialog.

    I have since found that zlauncher has a top/bottom bar icon that works. This is better than nothing but I would rather have a .prc that brings up the find dialog so I can assign a favorites button to it.

    Thanks for the reply
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    Cojones - you can just press CTL-F on your PC when using PDA Reach, and that brings up the Find dialog box.....see if that will cover ya
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    Try Widefind. I've been using it and I find it really good!
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    Ah, I'm sure ctrl-f was in the help screen or docs somewhere. That'll do me just fine, thanks.

    I also looked at widefind. It looks really good but I wanted a free solution. WF does more than what I need. I can bring up google and search for stuff myself without a front-end.

    Thanks all for the responses.

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