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    I'm looking for a program that works similarly to the Journal feature in Datebook+, but automatically goes to the bottom of the memo, enters the time AND date, and then lets me enter my information.

    It would be easier for me to keep track on a monthly basis rather than daily. Exporting to a text file would be great, too.


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    Hrm. You might look at PalmJournal, but it's not exactly what you want.

    You can put the timestamp on a note with the shortcut symbol and then do a 'dts'.
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    Or, you could try our new product, DayNotez. It allows you to categorize your entries, and gives a chronological listing, similar to how you would track journals in a paper day planner. We are also hard at work on a desktop offering.
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    Or DateBk4

    It allows you to catagorize Daily Journals aswell. Then you can go to the 'list view' in the calendar (as you can with Datebk+) and tell it to filter your calendar to only Daily Journals. The result is a list of all your daily journals. you can save that 'view' for quick reference in the future!

    Plus you get all the other REALLY good advantages from Datebk4!!!

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