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    I was wondering if anyone is exclusively using MMPlayer on their Treo 600 for both video and audio (audio, that is, not directly related to video playback: i.e., listening to music via MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, etc.)

    Basically I'm trying to find an all-in-one solution for both movies and music (I'll use both pretty equally). I know that MMPlayer does both, but that video is its strong point. And I know that PTunes is considered the best music player (and yes, many developers use PocketTunes as their app's MP3 ringtone player, alarm player, etc. -- not that important to me though; streaming via PTunes I've heard about, but MMPlayer is working on that too from what I understand)...

    ...but can MMPLayer do a decent enough job with music so that I don't have to install two different media players? Anyone out there who depends on MMPlayer for both video and music? What are your experiences, especially with music?
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    The problem with MMplayer is that it doesn't support backround music playback like Ptunes which is a huge limitation imo. Otherwise you are correct, MMPlayer is a great all around media player for palmos...
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    Wow, that is indeed huge. I hadn't even thought of that -- thanks for opening my eyes.

    After getting your reply, I checked out the forum on the developer's site and it looks like he has been trying to implement background play into some beta versions, but it is still quite buggy from what I could decipher.

    Maybe I'll just go with the stable version for now (despite its limitations) and hope that background play is incorporated into a wide-release version in the not too distant future.

    Thanks again!

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