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    There's a minor feature that has caused me trouble on occasion and I suddenly thought maybe it could be avoided with a small change: when I delete one or more messages with the "d" command, occasionally I'll get a pop up saying that it is in the process of deleting messsages. Fine and good. But as soon as it is done, instead of going back and highlighting the message I had just tried to delete, it goes to the next on the list. If this happens very fast--and it occasionally can--there is room for error and it is possible to delete mistakenly that next message instead of the one just above it. Any way to insure that it stays on the intended target?

    One more thing--I found today that my tone notifications were not working. I tried every combination to no avail. Then I realized I had turned my SMS volume off over night and it seems that if the SMS is turned off, tone notifications don't work. Can or should that be fixed, or is the tone notification integral to the sms notification process? If so, maybe this relation should be emphasized somewhere.
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    That's a good find re: SMS volume, because that IS what Chatter uses for tone volume. I can't exactly remember why, though.

    And I'll look at the other thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank

    And I'll look at the other thing.


    Paaallllleeeeaaassssseeee. I have bad timing and have deleted quite a few incorrect messages...
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    I think he has my problem but worse.

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