I am not alone in having a problem that when listening to MP3s using a car kit (in my case a casette adapter) and also with my noisebuster headphones, the VoiceSignal Voice Diaer interrupts it to make a call.

I assume this is because the impedance of these devices might be a little too high and it thinks the call button is being pressed.

In any case, I am looking for a way to disable that button. VoiceDialer doesn't have it and I can't find it on the palm.

Someone who reported this problem on the PalmOne forum said they deleted a file called VoiceDialer68K from unit an the problem went away, but did not say if this permanently disables the button.

Ideally I want it disabled ONLY when MP3s are playing.

Problem occurs with both RealPlayer and pTunes.

Anyone got any ideas? This really ought to be an option for the phone, dialer, or OS.


Jim Cioffi