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    We are a test site for Seven and it's a good way to go. One thing I disagree with them on is that their 7 Palm client has its own (dinky, limited) calender, so the native Palm calender does not sync. This is truly unfortunate and I wish they would relent... but overall 7 is about a 9 on a scale of 10.
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    OK... so what email client does mNotes use? Is it going to dump the email into my snappermail or does it create a seperate client? I assume that the contact and calendar info will go into the native apps? Right?

    Thanks... FF
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    When using mNotes it can save the mail from your desktop into the mMail app on the Treo. All other data is saved into the Treo databases for use by the regular apps.

    I found CommonTime a bit flakey for me and am currently using Intellisync until Lotus releses an updated version of EasySync which worked 100% of the time for me.

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    This discussion is interesting; however, I'm in the same situation as some of the posters. I currently use my Blackberry for my corporate Notes email system. Is there a way to have that same funcationality on my 650? Meaning always-on, push, syncing with the server, etc. If there was, I'd gladly dump my blackberry.

    Also, I thought I read somewhere that Blackberry would be brining Blackberry connect to the Palm.
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    I'm another mnotes Lotus convert for Treo650... previous Easysync and Treo300 user.
    Got it all working after some initial problems (needed to force slow Mail and clear Memos/Journal). I'm on the 30-day plan... still hoping that Lotus will wake up and provide a free EasySync upgrade. But if not, I'll stick with mnotes and pay the $75.
    btw - I'm using it via HotSync. I have not attempted Wireless, as I don't have time for VPN yet.
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    Ya might try's a bit cheaper and it works with other programs besides notes. Available from PalmOne and Handango. In fact I just posted to see if anyone wa susing this in another section.
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    Thanks Jack, I'll check it out... the wierd thing is, I HAVE a HotSync conduit already showing for XTNDConnect !? I don't recall installing it, and I assumed it was either a part of mnotes-wireless or some aftereffect of uninstalling EasySync ... I have it disabled since it seemed to post errs but maybe it just conflicts with mnotes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfclague
    I am using the handheld version. I am trying to sync with my 650. Intellisync support has told me that it isn't supported yet.

    Must've been someone new that told you that. I've got something called "PC monitor" that was downloaded from the "Wireless Sync" website. It hooks up to Notes and I've got it pushing and syncing.
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    It seems that IBM has released a patch to EasySync Pro 4.2.2 to allow Treo650 and Tunsten T5 devices to sync with notes.

    Here's a link to the download (more info available from Lotus's support page).
    I tried it today at work, and got my contacts, to-do, and calendar sync'ed up. I'm having problems with versamail tho....
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE

    Ya might try's a bit cheaper and it works with other programs besides notes. Available from PalmOne and Handango. In fact I just posted to see if anyone wa susing this in another section.
    Do you know if it runs on v1.08 of the SprintPCS firmware? I have gotten tired of doing hard resets on my Treo 650 - thought I would ask before I lept.
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    Does this enable you to work behind a firewall without a port open to you?
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    I have read through this thread and still remain confused (like a lot of us, it seems).

    Like a lot of you, I work at a blackberry-only company that uses Lotus for email. They will not do anything on their end to allow me to use my 650. I have a blackberry also but don't like carrying both.

    All I'm trying to figure out is if any of the products above will allow me to access my corporate email (no need for calendar, etc) on my Treo, even though I can't control anything on the server end or the ports that are open. I do, however, have the ability to leave my computer on continuously, if that helps.

    I'm willing to try what you guys suggest but I don't want to end up paying for something that doesn't work, especially since some of these are a little pricey.

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    There are a number of products out there that can go against notes. A lot of it depends on the type of access that can be created against it (internal versus external). Here's an explanation of re-director solutions:

    Re-director solutions, ones that require a PC to stay on, are designed to...

    1. Connect to the mail server just like you are at your desk, gather your email and redirect it out to your device (usually encrypted and over known open ports 80, 443, for example.
    2. They are used typically where there is no corporate access to a mail server from the outside, thus the re-director that sits on the inside of the network or through a VPN.

    Both Sprint and Cingular offer their own "Personal" re-director solutions which are essentially the same software. There are others re-directors out there as well.
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