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    !!!PLEASE HELP!!!

    I have just purchased the PRETEC SD GPS CARD and the IGOLF SD GPS DRIVER software and it is not functioning at all. When I press the gps test app that came bundled with the igolf driver it says "GPS SDIO Lib opened successfullly!!" However, in the field "Fix Indicator" it says "InValid" and sats in view reads 00.

    upon trying to launch mapopolis and starting gps, it says "The GPS unit could not be started"

    Does anyone have any experience with the pretec card and the igolf driver!? please let me know how to get this working, it's killing me!

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    Are you using it with a Treo 600 or a Treo 650?

    I don't have direct experience with the Pretec, but I have the iGolf SDIO card on a Treo 600. If you get the "GPS SDIO lib opened successfully", then you're half way there. However, the very first time you use the card, you must have a clear view of the sky and you'll have let it sit and acquire for something like half an hour. After the first time, acquisition should take around a minute.

    Good luck with it!
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    thanks so much for the advice. a few more questions if you dont mind. when you launched the gps test app that came with the igolf and you had to let it sit for half an hour or so, did the fix id read "InValid" and the sats in view read "00"? if that is all true than maybe i need to give it another chance, thanks so much!
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    Yes, the fix id starts off as Invalid with 0 sats in view, even after it does the initial setup. On the very bottom line, you should see a diagnostic(?) line. On mine, it reads something like:


    with parts of the line changing as it receives data. You've got to be patient the first time though ...
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    thanks TC, you're help has been invaluable.
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    I'm thinking about buying i-golf, how is their suppor when you had a problem? Did you ever get it to work?

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