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    My SanDisk 1 GB SD card seems to be fine.

    There is a warning in the manual to only use SD cards that have the official SD logo on them.

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    I got my Treo 650 two days ago from CSL in Hong Kong. Origianlly, they said they have it is out of stock and need to wait for two weeks. One day later, they got it from their warehouse for me. So far I am quite happy with the machine expect the machine got hang one time when I travel from China (Roaming) into HK by car.
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    ah, forgot to mention, somebody mentioned huge stocks in hong kong with discounts ...
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    city of purchase :HongKong
    name of shop :FortRess
    price: RMB 5480 (USD 661)
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    Has the 650 appeared in BKK yet? Should be today, yes?
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    I am in Malaysia and got my Treo 650 delivered from Singapore on Valentine's Day. Sold my Treo 600 to a friend and enjoying every moment of this phone.
    Treo 600 Rocks!
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