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    hi all. i do not currently have a PC/Wintel computer available to me, and was trying earlier to get some third-party software into my new 650... i copied the .prc files directly to the root of the blank 1GB Lexar SD card, but do not see any obvious option for browsing the contents of the card.

    does the SD card need to be laid out w/ any particular file hierarchy? can i create nested folders on my SD for the sake of cleanliness? optimally, i would prefer to have it broken down into folders for mp3, apps, utility, etc... if i am missing something obvious here it would be great if someone could chime in, thx all..!
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    Filez will do what you need in terms of file organization; you may even be able to find a download that will give you just the .prc file instead of the .zip (and I know there are programs out there too that will extract a .prc or .pdb file from a .zip on a card, too).

    Hope this helps some; wish I had a specific site to suggest to download it.

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