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    okay, 1:when editing favorites I have noticed that that the "delete" option is Missing from the voicmail and palmone buttons. how can I change this. 2:how can we add an option to have instead of only 26 speed dial buttons (pressing and holding) we have 676 (26x26) by 2key combinations?
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    The files are locked. In the 600, this was done by hacking a bit in a file from a hex "20" to a hex "00". That is 0010 0000 to a 0000 0000 in binary.

    I did this using an old palm program called Insider. Another person used RsrcEdit to do the same thing.

    Old details @ http://treo.discussion.treocentral.c...ight=delete+20

    WARNING: Be careful & good luck.

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    Whoops! Tried to use Insider to look at "saved prefs" and my Treo 650 reset.

    Guess I am going to have to find RsrcEdit and learn to use it.
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    Can't sleep, so played w/Insider and found a file named: Phone_Favorites, Creator: HsPh

    This file contains records for each entry. Can see Voicemail record and the phone number. Could change label and number if desired.

    Have not figured out lock bit yet.

    Maybe more later.

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