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    As interested as I was in the Treo 600, I could never convince myself to take the plunge with the plethora of quality issues that were reported with that device.

    Now that the GSM T650 is out, I'm seriously considering making a purchase. With that in mind, I'd like ask people who have had the CDMA model for a little while now what their thoughts are on the build quality of the 650 overall. I have read a few complaints here and there, but not to the levels of the 600. Of course, I know that the 650 is still new. I'm just looking for impressions from people who use it everyday.

    Thanx in advance
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    Wow, no real quality issues, except for the occasional keyguard related problem? Interesting...
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    Brass connector of charging cord broke off on the left side the first time I pulled it out of the treo 650. it was somehow stuck and tried to use least amount of force as possible and it broke trying to take it off its first charge out of the box.

    the treo 600 hotsync/charging port was much much better.. so far my only problem.
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    The P button is a major defect. Softer than normal keys and eventually turns into constant sending of the letter P. I've seen 4 units now with this problem.
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    I would worry more about the voice quality problem with the mic, the memory problem, and the dearth of bluetooth devices completely supported. Those show no signs of really being corrected yet. You can always take the phone back during the warranty period if it needs replacing. My 600 had to be returned twice. Once for lines in the screen, once for nasty pixels. Otherwise it has been rock solid. Free exchange both times, as it was less than a year old.
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    Cool, I think I'll keep an eye out for more. On the one hand I'm missing my smartphone tremendously, on the other, I need to spend my phone budget wisely. I'd rather wait and get the right device. I like most of what the 650 has to offer, but its really close with some others.

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