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    I've bought a 2.5mm adapter for my regular headphones to be used on the T600. Using PTunes to play the mp3s, I realised the sound quality is quite bad compared to normal mp3 players.

    When I use a 3pin 2.5 mm Nokia stereo headset, the quality is of course much worse. Anyone else got the same problem? I expected the sound quality to be the same as normal mp3 players.
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    I use the Treo stereo headphones with a 2.5mm jack and the sound is no worse than my $400 Rio MP3 player.
    Note: This is not the headphone set that comes with your Treo. There is no Mic on this set but you can still hear a caller through them if you get a call.

    I've found that MP3's do vary in quality. How are you cutting them ?

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